Fishing with Captain Jimmy Decker


Santa Bass

December 28, 2010

Picked up a great father son charter, on referral from the web Thank You

Todd set this trip up last month for him and his dad Blaine. Fortunately we caught the first good day of weather in weeks, unfortunately the bombing rain this last week has the water all jacked up. Above the harbor super silted out ,down below very dirty green /brown. 56-57

We scratched out a limit plus for the three of us but it was TOUGH lots of casting for very few bites, low and slow caught the majority with two very nice fish hooked and long released

Highlight of the trip was seeing a Sea Otter above Crystal Cove, really a sea Otter. Believe  it or not. Keep your eyes open

Still Here

December 14, 2010

With the beautiful weather the last two days we just had to go out and fish, bitting or not. Tracy and I meet Pete and her girlfriend Donna at the club at 6;30. The girls were going to fish with live squid on light tackle for there club buttons and Pete as always was throwing the fly. Ran up top 56 degrees and a little down hill current.

I guess today was my day as the girls didn’t get a tap on the live stuff, Pete had one break off on the fly and I had six or seven nice fish on the 7in jerk shad, all my fish hit on the sink nothing on the way back up. As usual this time of year the bite up there was over by about 8;00.

Took everybody down below main beach and had fun on the smaller fish releasing around 20 or so including quite a few for Pete on the fly. He let me have a few waves with it and I even got a few fly fish. Then I stuck myself in the neck and a few casts later I got Pete in the back. Fly fishing is tricky only do it with good friends or people you really don’t like.


November 19, 2010

Felt good to be back on my skiff

Had a 1/2 day this foggy morning JR and his cousin Dennis showed up at 5;30. Good Green bass anglers but never in the salt. Rolled out at 6;00 in thick soup. Slow ride up top to no conditions, good water 61 no current.  I caught a few decent ones but it was tough.

Ran down when we could see to pretty much the same till about eleven, when a slight breeze came up and with it a little downhill movement and the leading edges and isolated patches started biting.

JR  stuck a few Calicos and a fat Sandy on the DT 16 crank while Dennis and I gave um the Jerk shad . Fun fishing,

Spots looked promising with lots of bait in the afternoon and 62 degrees.


November 13, 2010

First I would like to thank Preston King the owner of REEL TIME  for Inviting me on this epic trip south. What a great time with a great group of guys.

The computer was down the last few days so here is the summary.

Released a few more fish out front of Mag on Wednesday then started the trip uphill. Stuck another fat Wahoo  just above Santa Maria and that was it. We traveled all day and night in some pretty shitty weather to get to Turtle for fuel just before 11:00 am We were out of there by noon and went up to Cedros  Island for the night caught a few nice bass in the afternoon out deep and got a good nights sleep on the hook.

Friday was calm and Preston ran the boat from Cedros to San Diego Bay in 11 hours. WOW. Cleared customs tied up to the fuel dock and had a few and passed out. This morning we fueled and made the run to HH in a little over 2 hr at 38 kts. His boat is bad ass fishing platform that raises fish and rides like a dream Once again all I can say is Thank you for the Invite I had a great time.

In The Bay

November 9, 2010

After fueling in San Carlos we traveled back some 20 miles into to bay, millions of small spottied bay bass and one nice 2 1/2 # fish really pretty back here. Very sticky, the War heads were the ticket to keep from geting hung up. All fish caught on 5in Jerk shads Little bit of wind this morning but seems to be backing off now. We just pulled the hook and are moving out to Belchers for the night then back off shore in the morning. Highlight of the day was KK tossing a Jerk Shad off the bow yesterday afternoon and connecting with a solid fish that really did its best to get in the roots, turned out to be a nice Snook great battle and a beautiful fish

Sunday Funday

November 7, 2010

Anchored up in Tasco last night wind was howling over the point all night till about 4;00am then backed off to zero. We left at 6;30 and KK released his first fish today at 7;15 grease flat out here today hard to belive aftet the wind last night.water is 76 air mid 80s  6 releases so far with 3 misses and 2 broke off all fish showing up in the teasers today slow eaters had to tell for some of the guys if there bit. More boats showing up erery day, will be back in Mag tonight I think to fuel and clear papers then I think in to the mangroves for a day or two

3;30 update Marlin went off under the birds from 12;00 till 3;00 ended up with 14 or 15 releases and dumped at least 7 or ,super cool the best Ive ever seen The boys say it was fair fishing I wowwuld love to see what they call good.

The Boss let me run the boat while he was in the pit and what a blast backing down a 60 footer into the swell way cool ,soaked him. Good Times


November 6, 2010

left Mag at dawn at started right out front trolling for the Wahoo with no luck put the teasers in and 10 min later I released my first marlin of the trip, little breeze has the fish up tailing but not bitting all that well Andy on the bounder baited 15 or so this morning for a handfull about lunch time the fish poped pretty good for us. So far we have six releases today and a few missed shots with doubles turning to singles Were heading down to Tasca tonight. Wind is backing off and its getting hot .2:3


Another beautiful day we stayed in Santa Maria last night above Mag  big beautiful bay had a nice dinner got 50 lobster for 50 bucks made some more bait and passed out. This morning we rolled out at gray light and started finding sleepers They say its slow down here but to me its epic . Raised 5 fish in the jigs found 5 sleepers only released a hand full

Bonus today was aour first Wahoo about 50 plus # and hooked a 300# Blue marlin on the drop back that chaffed through the light Striper gear

Slid down to Mag Bay at sunset cant wait to fish in here on the skiff. This morning we are heading a little more souith some good reports of fish. Water is now in the mid 70s and rising still noi wind knock on wood and good swell. Today they say is my day to pull on a few cant wait. (more…)

up date

November 4, 2010


Left turtle bay at 2;00 am ,Today was to be a travel day, slow mode conserve fuel, put some jigs in at dawn at at 10;00 we released our first marlin of the trip, had two knock downws that did not stick then at 3;oo we released a 2oo# Blue Marlin ,quite exciting . Traveled all night and this morning we were on the ridge . One wahoo strike this morning that did’nt stick and one release so far ,BIG ground swell but no wind beautiful out here . Will be in Mag this afternoon, radio reports of lots of fish outside mag  water temp is 72

Heading South

November 3, 2010

Got a invite to travel down to Mag Bay for a 16 day trip Im on a new 60 ft Hatteras. Sweet ride. We left HH Mon. morning at 6;00 ran down to Newport and made bait then headed south. Traveled all day and night and at 1;oo Tuesday we were at the end of Cedros Island. The boss said we were going to make a drop on a high spot for some junk for dinner in acout 80 ft Im thinking bass so I rig the boys up wiwth dropper loops and I tie on a Ioz head with a christmas tree swim bait .

Preston said to let um go and I made a long cast and got hammered on the sink put the beans to it and drag is SCREAMING about ten min. later KK gaffes my fish a nice 40# yellowtail first cast of the trip . Kenney got one about 5 min later that went about 25 and the boss said thats it lets go.

We pulled into Turtle bay for fuel about 3;00 had a beautiful yellowtail dinner sat on the hook till 2;00am and are rolling south again now.

Weather’s nice the seas are calm and the beer is cold

Pushing the content down.