Fishing with Captain Jimmy Decker


Good Night Sweetheart

December 31, 2011

Ran my last trip down to Laguna
Sad to think this area could be closed forever,hopefully not
Wailed on em shallow
Took ten nice ones back up the line, where some kids can catch them next time.

Holiday Style

November 28, 2011

What better way to end the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend Than to go to your favorite place with you favorite friends.


November 19, 2011

Half day with Bob and Larry Two anglers with a lot of water under their feet. And Zack, Larry’s son- in law, Who has never fished in the ocean before buts gets the Black Bass back home.

Fishing was on the slow side, we caught a few fish early, and saw a nice 45Lb SeaBass. but it wasn’t going to happen where we were, so we went to the inside stuff and started catching some fish. No real pattern just a lot of casting to dark spots and stringers .
Zack was a stick, picked it right up, nice having a guy who can swing and wind. He got big fish of the day on his last cast.

Cats Alive

November 18, 2011


Fished a trip to Cat today Sandy had never fished there and the weather was so nice we changed the trip from local to the Island.
The fish started bitting under the light pretty good and around the back to just below Silver Canyon. Big Bass went about 4# on a 3/8 War 3in Pearl combo. Lots of legal barracuda in shallow from Orange rocks up, pretty fun on the iron.

In the afternoon we finished up in tight above Seal Rocks, and outside us a BIG spot of HUGE fish popped up. We got on em quick but were only able to get one cast off, a big flash behind the jig and a few HUGE backs were all we saw before they sunk out. If I wasn’t so worried about the grief I’d get I would say they could have been BFT? But were more likely BIG Yellows.

Heading South

October 27, 2011

Left Newport at 9;00 am stopped in SD for a quick splash and go 400 gal. and made it to Cedros at 8:00 am This boat is insane ReelTime flies and PK is not afraid to burn some fuel. First cast on the swimbait field testing the new Torque 12. We kept 3 and shook off another 6 Ride down was nice with just a little tail wind and swell. Heading in to Turtle for fuel then down to the ridge sounds like there is a nice pile up in front of the bay. Check in with you later. Decker


October 20, 2011

Finally got to fish out front today after making bait the last two days for our Mag Bay trip next week.
Fished below the harbor for a decent pick on the smaller bass but was not happy about the sangs for my client who was fishing the fly rod so we ran up top.
Fishing on the reef and pipe was really fun for some very nice fish on the plastic, I talked to Chris on the Freelance and they were doing good on Squid strips with a 3/8 slider lots of shorts for them we had more legals than shorts.
Water was 62 and clean fun fishing.


October 15, 2011

Its been a while since the island has been open. Elite Agents rolled over in three rigs. Flat crossing and many bass made for a successful mission.

SWBA 2011

October 10, 2011

Tracy and I fished our last event of the year this weekend. We had a good morning outside and a poor afternoon in the bay. Fishing was tough for most teams and we were lucky to find a few that did bite.
We finished the Season in 3rd place overall out of 90 that started the season. Thank you for all your support this year. Decker

Happy Birthday Jacob

September 25, 2011

Ran a special B day trip for two of my best clients Ken and his son Jacob. They have never fish Catalina so Ken and I decided it would be a great present for Jr.
This young man is on it, eats, breaths, sleeps Calico bass.Always on the bow with me bait always in the water. We both threw in a nice pocket I missed mine Jacob got his, 9 lbs on the scale made his dad’s 7 look small. Great trip Thanks Guys.

Red Tide

September 23, 2011

Half day with Chris today. Ugly red tide in almost all the spots from here to Dana, really had to search for some decent water To go along with that the not so giant squid are EVERYWHERE We fished a lot of spots for 15 or so fish all about the same size. fishing was tough but we had a good time.

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