Fishing with Captain Jimmy Decker



September 14, 2012


Greg and Victoria cashed in their trip they won in the Olive Crest Tournament and asked me if my wife Tracy would like to join the trip. With the up and down fishing on the beach we opted to run to Cat. Weather was windy with a little lump but we fished the points on the backside and found a little shelter and some biting fish Supper fun couple and cant wait to get them out again.


September 7, 2012


Ran a few trips this week offshore looking for kelps and Carp.
Kelps with bitting fish have been hard to find but we found a few
Havent seen any marlin the last two trips out
Running all weekend and next week Things are looking good for a fantastic fall

Young Guns

August 30, 2012


Took out Grant and David today. They both start their Junior year of high school this week and wanted to go to Clemente for Grants Birthday on Tue. They were supper excited having never been there before. weather was supposed to be light in the morning building to 10 to 15 in the afternoon. 8mi from the West end we hit it 20 Kts
straight out of the N/W I talk to the boys and we continue on to the island. It was WINDY ALL DAY hung some really good fish but the speed of the drift made it almost impossible to land the bigger fish out in the kelp where they were bitting. Had a blast catching 60 or so 2 to 41/2 pounders. Left the island and took it nice and easy going back across I could not believe it when I looked back and they were ASLEEP kids can sleep anywhere in anything.
Had a blast with a few of the new crew.


August 23, 2012


One Strike, One hook-up, One Release Marlin
Fished with one of my regulars today Pete Blackman. Pete’s fished Mexico for the last 40 plus years being a regular at the East Cape but never caught a local Marlin here in So Cal.
With the warm water and decent kelp paddy fishing he set up a trip to go out and hunt kelps.
We put Marlin the jigs in the riggers and trolled tuna feathers on the short lines while we looked over the water. Found one kelp with fish but dumped the only bite, went back to trolling. 10 minutes later a fish came up on the right rigger and inhaled a seven strand 1220 mackerel clone. 45 min later we released Pete’s first local Marlin and the first Marlin for my boat this season. What a great trip with a great friend.

Hunting Bass

August 18, 2012


Fished with Ken and Jacob today Always a good time with the two of them. Jacob brought a nice bag of candy and as always a very positive attitude.I laid it out to them that fishing has been tough and we would be doing a lot of looking for bitting fish. Well we looked a lot, and fished a lot of spots. At the end of the day conditions finally turned around and we got some nice fish. I cant tell you how rewarding it is to fish with a Father and his Son.

Cat Kicks Out


Fished Catalina today with Big Bob and Mike
We were over there two weeks ago and had good fishing in the east end. Today we went the other way and started on the west end front. Started fishing about 6:30 and we were catching right out the gate. Fishing stayed good till about 11;30 then backed down to a pick here and there.
Water was 71 and gin clear the ticket was finding a little washed point or ripping current and there the fish were bitting. They ate the Jerk Shad, weedless swim baits and the hard baits good fun fishing with a few tankers in the mix.


August 5, 2012


Like I said last week time to explore around a bit, try something different and fish a few places I usually don’t fish.
Talking to Joel and his girl Nichole before our trip I laid out whats been happening and the intel I’ve gotten lately from some friends (Thanks Benny and Beak) and we decided to fish north. Fun fishing for quality fish, way better than anything we could have done down below. Its good to have good friends.


August 1, 2012


Is the only way to describe our trip to SBI. I picked up Paul and Randy from Two Harbors at 6:00am, We have done this a few times when there staying at the Island usually fishing Clemente. But with Clemente closed and fishing only fair plus at Cat we made the call to run to SBI. Epic weather and fishing is the only way to describe our day. The quality of the fish we caught was outstanding with nothing under 3lbs the average was closer to 4 with a few much larger models thrown in during the day. It felt so good to put my guys on some really good fish after the last few weeks of slow fishing on the beach. I always have a good time with Paul, but this one was for the books.


July 30, 2012


Seems like Im stuck right in the middle of two bites.
Up above at the other point the boys have been getting some really nice fish, and down below Dana there has been some fish bitting as well. My zone has been really dead. The past few weeks have seen dirty ,cold, green water. As soon as it looks like tomorrow might be good, it blows that night and rolls it over.
Well it didnt blow last night and the water was Beautiful but only 61 degrees If things stay calm for a few this stretch could get real good fast,

We caught some nice fish but you had to work for it. Ran outside and found a few kelps with fish on them but could not get them to go. Water out there was 69 and Blue

Another tough one

July 27, 2012

Had Dave and his son Paul out today. We meet a few years back at the Fred Hall show and finally made it out.
Dave and Paul both fish from their yacks locally so this was a fishing trip and a where to fish close to home trip.
As been the pattern lately there was no pattern. A fish here a fish there seemed like every place we fished we would catch a fish or two but that would be it. Water was still cold from the recurring afternoon winds and way off color. The high light of the trip was when I was showing the boys a spot WAY inside and Paul connects with his PB Calico great battle in about two feet of water over a NASTY reef. So stoked he got that fish I saw everything from the take to getting her head down on the rocks to Paul lifting her out really cool show. Now if things would warm up a bit its on.

Pushing the content down.