Fishing with Captain Jimmy Decker



January 9, 2015


Great start to the New Year
Ran four trips this week all local and all very good fishing
Will really try to keep this site updated this year
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Hope to see you on the water

It’s Time

July 10, 2014


Running tons of trips the last few weeks
EXCELLENT Bass fishing along the beach and at the Islands.
The offshore season has begun. Sunday coming home from Clemente
We trolled thru some Terns and stuck our first Bluefin
Let the games begin.

Spring is Here

May 19, 2014


Spring time bass fishing is in full effect at Catalina Island here are a few pics from this month.
This season is looking VERY GOOD El Nino is on the way and Yellowtail are already being seen on the kelps
Tuna were caught this weekend out of SD.
Havent been keeping up as well as I should but for up to the min. reports
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January 6, 2014


Had a wonderful weekend fishing the tournament. Weather was perect, made a few mistakes, stayed to long at a few spots early that bit good pre-fishing, By the time we got on the fish we just burned up to much time to get the ones we needed. Wont let that happen again.


December 3, 2013


Ran back to back trips to Clemente this weekend. Sat was good fishing along the front while Sun saw no conditions and just fair fishing the bonus was beautiful weather both days and great company.

Winding Down

November 6, 2013


The last two months have been a blurr
September was on and off Offshore ended the season with 4 Marlin released and a handfull of dorado and Yellowtail
The Bass fishing at the Islands remained good all summer.
The whole month Of October I was down at the Cape fishing the tournaments on C-BANDIT with Pete Grosbeck and Rich Hamilton. What a great experience fishing with two of the very best on a fantastic boat I learned a ton and cant thank them both enough Two more weeks at home then off to PV for some fishing with Tracy.
Still running trips while the weather continues to hold and the water temps are stable.


September 2, 2013


Been a very busy month with lots of trips
Fishing has been unpredictable pretty much the only constant has been San Clemente Island Island that Ive fished 5 times this month for good bass fishin.
The beach has been plaged with big swings in water temp. Good fishing for a few then terrible fishing for a few
Offshore has been a rollercoaster as well. So far we have released 2 Marlin this month and had a few fair trips on the kelp paddy Yellowtai and dorado along with a few blanks

September looks to be shaping up as the month that will really get the local offshore bite going and stabilize the inshore water and get the bass going for a good fall bite.
Lets hope so

Needle in the haystack

July 25, 2013


Fished Offshore today with Scott and his buddy.
Wind was up early, capping by 8:00. Tough to find kelps
Let the birds show you the way. Ended up well.
One Dorado and 5 Yellowtail

Its Biting

July 23, 2013


Quick check-in
Fishing has been pretty tough the last few trips for the bass We had some wind last week that rolled the water and dropped the temp down. Things are coming back around fished offshore the last two days for fair to good kelp paddy fishing for Yellowtail and a few of the guys are starting to catch some Dorado. Its not a sure thing but if you find the right one you get a good shot, most of the fish are about 12lb but I did get one yesterday solo that went 25.

Short Report

July 2, 2013


Crazy this year lots of trips
Not alot of time to spend on the computer
Ernie brought out his wife Nancy and son Devin
Ernie caught his personal best Seabass
Nancy got the hang of it with the Jerkshad And Devon poped the cherry on hin new swinbait rod
Next day fished with Dave and Joey and wailed on the bass
followed it with a family fishing weekend
Be safe this week lots od crazys on the water over the 4th

Pushing the content down.