Fishing with Captain Jimmy Decker


Back on the beach

May 16, 2013


Good friend Mike came down this week from San Louis Obispo with his brother in-law Pete
Mike and I have fished together many times before but Pete was new to the salt.
Fishing is slow to get going this season and even though the water temp was 64 the bass were a little touchy .Some of the fish inhaled the 7in baits while other bites were as light as a feather on the small stuff.
All in all a fun day everyone caught a few nice ones, a bunch of small ones and lost a few good ones.

Bay Tripping

April 29, 2013


Fished Newport Harbor Friday
Father son trip. Vincent and his dad Rudy were here from Texas and wanted to try saltwater bass fishing
Vincent was the hot stick. Beautiful weather and some bitting fish made for a great day.


April 25, 2013


With spring here the trips are really coming in.
Henry called and wanted to take a few of his friends over to Cat
None of them have ever been to the Island.
We have fished the beach together before and I knew they would have a blast at Cat
The fishing was great no giants but lots of 3 to 4 lbs fish.
Ended up with well over 50 fish fishing the backside of the Island

Family Day SCI

April 23, 2013


Had such a good time last week with JD that I had to go again.
With spring break ending and one of our boys pretty much just hanging out all week
while his buddies were in Cabo, Tracy and I decided to take Briggs over to Clemente
The bear was a little tired from the night before so we didn’t even leave the house till after 7:00
Weather and fishing was fantastic back home before 5:00
That Island is going to go crazy VERY soon.

SCI 4/12/13

April 14, 2013


Fished SCI on Friday with good friend JD from JDs Biggame on Balboa Island. First time for John there fishing for bass He really wanted the experience of what we do and he got it. Fished the backside, good swell and sun with light wind made for fantastic fishing for big fish tight. Cant wait to take him back.

Story from JD’S Biggame



The kelp at Northwest harbor greeted us along it's rocky underwater shelf with seas that jacked up against a strong current that wrapped around the shelf. Inside the break, layers of foam lines covered concealed rocks and kelp, we picked a few smaller fish out of it, my son in law getting the first. A novice with a baitcaster styled reel he picked it up remarkably well and by the end of the day he had perfected his underhand casts to 50 yards or more- We used the Abu Garcia Revo reels and Volatile rods they all worked very well- no buyers remorse with these outfits
-I fished their Inshore model most of the day and put the wood to many a bass -

Rounded the West end and down the backside of the island- Seas and wind from the west. Riding those southwards bound swells that come from somewhere deep in the north pacific was like riding a horse as you slide downhill respectably faster than you had expected. The backside of the island shows off it’s geology with levels the sea bottom that were uplifted by the Clemente fault over eons of time and the seas eating away layers black holed lava caves of eroded lava and cliffs at its base. The coves were boulder laden strung kelp beds lined with sharp facing cliffs. Casting half foot long swim baits and Jerk Shads rigged weedless in the waves that swept over rocks and boilers enshrouded by kelp and tossed foam. gobble– gobble- they ate em’ like candy. Hop scotching from cove to cove we plied our treats to them by the days end there was a stretch of beach that had almost every cast a bite or two or three — gobble gobble they ate em’
Just what the doctor ordered- a good fishing trip– it was one of those things one should do for himself– invite a friend, brother or son in law and go fishing for the day– Give Jimmy a call – believe me- there’ll be no buyer remorse -

SWBA Long Beach

April 7, 2013


Fished the second tournament of the season this weekend, and after my dismal DNW at the first event I was so happy to have my partner back on the boat.
Tracy stuck our first fish before I even had the trolling motor in the water
and followed that up with our second fish about 5 min later.
I finally got our 3rd and biggest fish at 9:00 for our limit and that was it for the day 3 bites 3 fish.
Cant thank team Low Budget and Snook Hunter enough for the help on this one.
We ended up in 7th place and Eric and Matt from Snook Hunter ended up winning the whole thing
Great day with fantastic people.

Newport Pre Fish

March 26, 2013


Took out Mitch and Will this weekend for a birthday trip for Mitch’s 17th
Fished the top of the tide till about 12:00
Happy the dredging is over seems like the fishing is picking up.
We had a limit plus a hand full of smaller fish Lots of orange chins
Looks like things are getting back to normal
Fun fishing with a couple of good kids

Long Deep Harbor

March 17, 2013


Pre fish with Tracy this morning. Second time really fishing in LB Harbor
Big and Deep is what is there for the most part

Spots are FAR apart

There’s a fish or two at a few
and a lot with none.

March 8, 2013


Finally after months of legal wrangling and a few pay-offs I finally have my site back. Long story ill tell you on the water. Really like to thank Randy Spizer for all the help.
This week Im at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach March 6-10 Im in the Sav-On Tackel booth with Abu Garcia and doing two seminars each day Please stop by and say Hi and look at the new Rods and Reels from Abu.

Now that were back up and running we will have some new things coming to the site, really looking forward to this season. See ya at the show.

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